March 4, 2009


victoryThis is a first & it’s a really big deal. All new Victory Motorcycles now come with a 5 year warranty! No motorcycle company (to my knowledge) has ever offered such a warranty. It has been said for many years now that Victory has the most reliable motorcycle on the planet (I’m talking planet Earth, I’m not sure what goes on with those other, crummy planets).


For the last decade low maintenance, high horsepower & extreme reliability have been the backbone of Victory Motorcycles. Victory resale value is as good as Harley Davidson & Victory is at the top of consumer satisfaction charts with a 95% owner’s satisfaction rating!


The limited time offer & transferable warranty program is valid for any new & unregistered Victory Motorcycle, and is a full coverage program inclusive of the whole motorcycle. In other words, Rick Sez, “Buy a Victory, they don’t break down!”    


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