Hey ya’ll, for the past several months we have been working hard on a custom Royal Enfield project.  I have one mission on this project, to make this bike the COOLEST ROYAL ENFIELD ON THE PLANET!  Did I accomplish my mission, you tell me.  I will have a public unveiling of my Rick Fairless (RF) Custom Royal Enfield on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 1:30pm at my booth at the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) at Dallas Convention Center (DCC).  The bike started life as a 2011 Royal Enfield C5 Bullet.  Royal Enfield has been building bikes since 1901.  They are 500cc bikes that have fuel injection & electric start.  They have a top speed of 80-85mph & they can cruise at 65mph all day long. 

I sold one to a fellow that flew in from Houston & rode it home.  A  month after that he rode the bike from Houston to Vermont & back!  He said he had absolutely no problems with the bike & he got 80 MPG!  Also, I sold one to a cat that flew in from Alabama & rode it back home to Alabama.  He sent us an email that said he owns a Harley, a BMW & now a Royal Enfield & that the Royal Enfield is the most fun to ride.  We have been a Royal Enfield for several years now & they are really amazing bikes.  They have a vintage look straight from 1955.  They retail from $5600 – $6700.  They have some special editions out now with Desert Storm paint & Army green paint.  I love them & I hope ya’ll can come see my new RF Custom Royal Enfield.  Coolest Royal Enfield on the planet?  I think so, but you tell me what you think.  I’ll see y’all Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 1:30pm at my booth in the IMS show at the DCC.