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Rick and Bro

Rick’s Story

I was born in Dallas, Texas and was raised and still live in the Dallas suburb of Irving.  My brother Randy (he’s 11 months younger & he’s a big shot attorney in Houston) and I were raised on motorcycles and started riding bikes at 7 years old.  At the ripe young age of 19, I went to work for my uncle who owned a chain of paint stores called Roach Paint Company, which later became Glidden Paint Co.  After 20 years in the paint business, and never missing a day of work, I was ready for a change.
My passion in life was, and still is, custom motorcycles and I noticed that Easyriders custom bike shops were starting to pop up around the country, the year was 1995.  I was hoping someone would open one in Dallas so I could buy cool, custom parts from guys like Arlen Ness and Pat Kennedy.  Then I thought, why can’t that guy be me?  Why can’t I be the guy that opens up an Easyriders Franchise here in Dallas?
So, in 1996 I opened what was then called “Easyriders Dallas” Motorcycle shop.  Two years later, I opened up my bar next door called Strokers Ice House.  On any normal Saturday & Sunday we will have 500-1000 bikes pass through my doors!  The live music will be playing, the bikini girls are selling ice cold beer and the bikes are roaring in and out…It’s freakin’ AWESOME!

In 2002 Easyriders decided to drop the franchise plan and all the Easyriders stores had to come up with a new name.  Since my bar was called Strokers Ice House I decided to call my shop Strokers Dallas.  Although I changed the name, I didn’t change  anything else about my business.
We are a dealer for Victory Motorcycles & Royal Enfield Motorcycles.  We also sell lots of used Harley’s.  I also own a company called RF CUSTOM PARTS and we specialize in making cool, custom parts for Victory Motorcycles.


As for my personal bikes, I have way too many!  If I’m riding around town I’ll ride one of my RF Custom Choppers.  But I’m going somewhere on a trip, or I wanna ride hard and fast, I’ll ride my Victory.  I own more than a few Harley’s, but I ride a VICTORY MOTORCYCLE!  I believe that Victory is the best motorcycle that money can buy, PERIOD!

We have been lucky enough to do lots of stuff on TV.  We had a series on TRU TV called “Ma’s Roadhouse” & we also had a series on the SPEED Channel called “Texas Hardtails”.  I’ve also built a bike on the Discovery Channel’s “Biker Build-Off”.   Me & Strokers have also appeared on several episodes of “Storage War’s Texas” & “Auction Kings”, also on the Discovery Channel.  My Ma & I even did a show on a Food Network program called “Mystery Diner”.  I’m not done with TV just yet.  You never know when I’m gonna pop up in your living room, (or maybe your bedroom) so keep an eye out for me!


I am still married to my high school sweetheart, Sue, and we have 5 mean kids & 1 crazy Sheepdog named Alice (after Alice Kramden).  I have a swell family and a swell life and I am very proud and happy to be so successful in a business that I truly love.
I thank y’all for the support you have given me and my family over these many years.  I will continue to work hard, 15 hours a day, 8 days a week, so please let me know if there is any thing I can ever do for you.  Oh by the way, I still have never missed a day of work in all these years!  Hey, I tell people all the time that I’m just a lucky chump from Texas! -RF

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