Hey ya’ll. FINALLY, I have written a new Rick’s Rant & if you’ll notice it’s also a brand new look for my website. The old website was pretty good, but it was time for a change & this one will be much better, but you tell me what you think, rick@strokersdallas.com I always want feed back from my customers.

Well, let’s see, man, there’s lots of things happening in my life. One thing is our youngest daughter Liz (we call her Lizbo) is in her second year at TCU & she has moved into her own apartment in Ft. Worth. YAHOO! Susan & I are still celebrating. Now we have NO kids at home. We are empty nesters! It’s not that we don’t love our 5 kids, we do. It’s just that sometimes Ma & Pa want to be ALONE! Now we are alone, except for our Husky, Beamer.

Here’s what our other kids are up to: Steve is the service manager for me here at Strokers Dallas; Chelsey works for Complete Landsculpture in the office & works for me part time at the bar; Lena is a legal assistant for Brian Webb, a really good family lawyer downtown Dallas; Louis is going to North Lake college full time & working for me part time. So, all the kids are doing fine & Susan & I are very proud of them.

italySusan & I went to Italy this year with my brother Randy & his wife Shirl. We had a fabulous time. I think we probably looked like the Beverly Hillbilly’s, but hey, it was good for us. We visited Rome, Florence & Porta Fino. I really liked it, but we were glad to get back home to the good ole USA! Can you believe that I couldn’t find one single restaurant over there that served Chicken Fried Steak! What’s wrong with those people? Oh well, I don’t know why I expected more, they don’t even speak English!

Our economy is pretty rough right now. Gas prices are sky high & the stock market is going backwards & financial institutions are folding right & left. Good people are losing their jobs all over the country. The motorcycle industry is in pretty rough shape as well. I have seen lots of shops, both big & small go out of business in the last year. Several of the shops that have gone away were good friends of mine. It’s very sad. But, we are doing fine & I am proud to say that I have not had to lay off a single person. I think the business plan I put in place 13 years ago is still working. I really want to thank all my customers for doing business with me & my family.

I have 3 bikes at the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bettie, Coors & my Easyriders Chopper will be there on display through February 2009. The Clinton Library is hosting the “Art of the Chopper” exhibit featuring 29 world famous bikes, including my 3 purdy gals. Speaking of Purdy Gals, my Janis Joplin bike is going to the Museum of the Gulf Cost in Port Arthur, Texas for a couple of months to be a part of the permanent Janis Joplin memorial exhibit there. Janis’ birthday is in January so they wanted my Janis bike in their museum for the celebration.s&s 50th anniversary

We have been busy building some cool bikes & customizing lots of Victory’s, Harley’s & Big Dogs. We attended the S&S 50th anniversary celebration in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. It was a great honor to be invited & we had a swell time. S&S invited 50 of the world’s greatest builders & I am proud to have been invited. The bike we built was Pam & she turned out great. She’s here if you want to come visit her. The other builders also had some really radical stuff. There were bikes there from 14 different countries! It was a cool deal & I appreciate S&S inviting me.

We are now hosting a Strokers Dallas Hot Rod Cruise Night every week. It starts at 6pm every Saturday night. I have special parking for Hot Rod/Classic/Muscle Cars. They park in the courtyard, in front of the band stage. I bring in Rock-A-Billy style bands for live music. I also feature $1 draft beer & car hops. It’s a cool deal & I am excited about it. Motorcycles & cool cars just flat go good together. Hopefully ya’ll will come out & show off your car or just come out & enjoy the cool cars & bikes.

We are an authorized dealer for Victory, Big Dog & Big Bear motorcycles. These are 3 of the best American made motorcycles money can buy. The 2009 models are out now & we have some GREAT closeout prices on the 2008 models. Here’s a little skinny about each company.Victory Jackpot Premium

VICTORY: Owned by Polaris out of Minneapolis, MN & built in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Polaris is a 2 Billion dollar a year company. I love Victory motorcycles. I have personally ridden Victory bikes across the country several times & never had a single problem. The new Vic’s are getting better & better & cooler than ever. They are designed by Arlen & Cory Ness & these boys really added lots of cool curb appeal to the Victory’s. Also we are doing a line of custom Rick Fairless parts for Victory’s. Victory Motorcycles start at $13,999 & they build an Awesome Motorcycle. Test rides available today.

big dog ridgebackBIG DOG: Big Dog Motorcycles are owned by Sheldon Coleman of the Coleman Camping Company (Lanterns, coolers, heaters, etc..). We have been a Big Dog dealer since day 1, 13 years & still going strong. Big Dog has always proved to be a great motorcycle. Big Dog is an excellent motorcycle & they have a great warranty & they stand behind the bike 100%! They come stock with S&S 117” motors! If you just want to cruise, they’ll cruise, but if you want the Big Dog to “sing”, let me tell you, she’ll sing! I have sold over 1000 Big Dog’s over the years & I can honestly tell you that you can’t get a better motorcycle.big bear merc softail

BIG BEAR CHOPPERS: Big Bear Choppers (BBC) is owned by Kevin & Mona Alsop & built in Big Bear Lake, California. Big Bear may be the most radical bike on the market. They have very aggressive styling & my customers love the way they ride & handle. We have been a dealer for BBC for 3 years now & I can tell you that they hold up really well. Kevin is very passionate about his Big Bear motorcycles. He is constantly changing his style to stay at the top of motorcycle world.

Ricks Panel Truck and TrailerMOTORCYCLE TRAILERS
We carry a full line of open & enclosed motorcycle trailers. We can accommodate as many bikes as you want to haul. Our enclosed trailers are made by Continental Cargo (owned by Warren Buffett) in good ole Waco, Texas. They come in many different configurations & sizes, but they can also be custom ordered to fit your specific needs. I even have a guy on staff that “wraps” trailers & as you know I can custom paint whatever you want. Want a motorcycle trailer with living quarters? We’ve got ‘em! We also sell open trailers in different sizes as well. We have the Kendon “stand up” trailers which can haul up to 2 full size baggers & the beauty is, you can “stand it up” in your garage & still fit your car in after your trip! You can see our trailers online, or better yet, come on down to my empire on Harry Hines & see them for yourself.

My service department is second to none. I have 8 Factory Trained service technicians, 2 bike builders & 2 fabricators. We are well versed on all American V-Twin motorcycles. I have worked hard to earn a great reputation & I work hard to maintain that great reputation. On Saturday’s & Sunday’s we work on a first come first come basis. You can hangout with your pals and drink a beer, eat a burger & enjoy the live music while we work on your motorcycle. We also offer a pick up & delivery service. Please give my service department a try & let me know what you think.

We stock hundreds of different designs in Chuck Taylor Converse shoes, right here, right now! Ya’ll have seen me wear Chuck’s for years. I have been wearing them since I was an ugly little boy. Ya know what? Now they’re cool again! Most things that were cool in the 50’s & 60’s have come around to be cool again (welcome to my world). These Chuck’s are a great value & we sell the cool designs that you can’t find in most places.

Come on out to the IceHouse. We always have something going on out here. Here’s the deal with Strokers IceHouse, it’s open to everyone. I don’t care if you ride a Victory, Harley, Big Dog, Honda, Vespa, Yamaha or a Ford Pinto. We are open to anyone who wants to come out & enjoy our hospitality. We are a friendly place where people that enjoy motorcycles & Hot Rods can hangout. We never have any problems at my place!

bikini nightSo here’s the dope on what goes on around here:
Monday: Live Blues at 8pm. Also, Free Pool – All day & all night
Tuesday: Lingerie Night – Beautiful girls in lingerie giving you all the attention you can handle.
Wednesday: Karaoke 7-10pm.
Thursday: Bikini Girls- More purdy Gals in skimpy swimwear.  Free Pizza & Live Music
Friday: Live Music 7-11pm
Saturday: Hot Rod Night, lots of cool Hot Rod/Classic/Muscle Cars, Live Music 2-6pm & 7-11pm (Rock-A-Billy)
Sunday: Live Music 2-6pm

On any given Sunday we get 1000 – 2000 motorcycles out here. It’s like a rally every weekend. Saturdays are great & Sundays are unbelievable! Another new thing is that we’ve got draft beer behind the bar. We’re selling 16oz Miller Lite drafts for $2.25 & that’s a great deal. Remember what Homer Simpson said, “I would kill every person in the bar for one sweet drop of beer!” I’m right there with ya Homer!strokers ink

Strokers Ink is doing great. We are spreading lots of ink & poking lots of holes in people (ya know what I mean). It’s a cool tattoo shop & business is good. My artists are really talented & can do anything you can think of. I have lots of flash to look at & pictures of the artist’s previous tattoos they have done. My shop is VERY CLEAN & I have 2 plasma TV’s & a stereo system to keep you amused while you are getting worked over. Cover ups are one of our specialties but we also do custom work and portraits. Come check out my tattoo shop or see it online at www.strokersink.com.

Here’s the skinny. I’m on the lookout for some new sponsors. I have a lot to offer anyone interested in sponsorships including: impressions on the thousands of people who pass through our doors each week with signage at Strokers Dallas Motorcycle Shop, signage at Strokers IceHouse Bar & Grill, signage at Strokers Ink Tattoo Shop, & signage in the outdoor courtyard where all the bikes park & customers congregate. I can also put your logo on stuff at my road shows or pass out your materials on the weekends. I am also open to stage sponsors, radio show sponsors, & event sponsors. Maybe you want to sponsor the beautiful women in my bikini contest? Or during lingerie night? Or maybe you have an idea I’ve never even thought of! We have packages to offer any budget & are open to all suggestions, so if you would like to put your business in front of thousands, please email me at rick@strokersdallas.com. I make one hell of a pitch man & would be happy to help promote your product.